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North Chesthill Estate



 We are committed to sustainability and conservation of all the estate's wildlife. We would like you to help us achieve improvements by working within the estates guidelines and recommendations as to how to take responsible access. 



We commence our deer management programme in the last week of August.  Given the smallness of the arae and the impact of daily hillwalking to our animals, we would encourage hill walkers to review their needs to disturb the wildlife and deer in this short period September - October.  Heading for the Scottish Hills reads as follows:

Carn Gorm, Meall Garbh (Glen Lyon), Carn Mairg and Meall nan Aighean

South of ridge, including the normal approach from Invervar: North Chesthill Estate.

Occasional stalking from mid-Aug, but mainly in Sept to 20 Oct This unusually confined estate (in a popular area with four Munros) presents exceptional challenges for stalking, as it is very difficult for hill walkers to avoid causing disturbance. By agreement with the access authority (Perth & Kinross Council), walkers are being encouraged to plan ahead and walk elsewhere ..................during the stalking season. This arrangement applies between  1 Sept and 20 Oct;  During this period, if you walk, staying on the ridges, avoiding the corries and going clockwise from Invervar round the Munros will help prevent deer from being moved off the estate. If further information is needed please phone Kevin Grant on 01887 877319 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

This year, the estate is not putting up any notices advising of stalking but asks that the public respect its request to review the need to walk on the estate.  

When you do walk on the esate we  ask that you follow the simple requests that accomodate the animals' welfare,  especially walking clockwise, taking in Carn Gorm first and avoiding coming into any corries and driving the deer out. 

We very much appreciate your help over this short period, in the interest of the environment, conservation, deer welfare, good stewardship and employment.

The deer management programme here is very important to the livelihoods of local people and our employees and the welfare of the deer herd, so we would ask you to respect the guidance we offer.  Walking needs to be fitted into the estate business programme and has to be managed. 

A sensible balance is needed if the uplands here are to remain sustainable.